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Perkins Engines

Pic Model # HP PDF Spec Sheets
403D-11 24 Spec Sheet
403D-15 33 Spec Sheet
404D-22 49 Spec Sheet
404D-22T 60 Spec Sheet
404D-22TA 62 Spec Sheet
1104D-44TG1 86 Spec Sheet
1104D-44T 89 Spec Sheet
1104D-44TA 101 Spec Sheet
1104D-E44TAG1 130 Spec Sheet
1104D-E44TA 134 Spec Sheet
1104D-E44TAG2 157 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TA 163 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TA 185 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TA 211 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TAG2 217 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TAG3 230 Spec Sheet
1106D-E66TAG4 274 Spec Sheet
2206D-E13TAG2 546 Spec Sheet
2206D-E13TAG3 620 Spec Sheet
2506D-E15TAG1 689 Spec Sheet
Tier Model # HP Spec Sheets
Tier III Power Unit 1104D 109 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power 1106D 173 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power Unit 1106D 202 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power Unit 1106D 225 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power Unit 1106D 274 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power Unit 2506D 642 Spec Sheet
Tier III Power Unit 2506D 717 Spec Sheet


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Rules of Thumb
For Fuel Consumption
Diesel - 1 Gal per 20hpph - 5 gal per 100hp
Natural Gas - 10CFH = 1hp - Double consumption for Methane
Propane - 7lbs per hour = 10kw or 13hp


Exchange Engine Price List
Page last updatd 09/10/2009

Cummins - Detroit - Cat - Other Models


Blocks, Heads, Crankshafts, Camshafts, and Flywheel Housings must be acceptable for reuse. You will be charged for the items that are not reusable per specifications in the DDA Cat Cummins I/H Service Manual.

WARRANTY: 12 Months, Unlimited Mileage, 100% Parts & Labor