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Engine Repower, why repower?

Older equipment may still have many years of life by replacing the engine. When a properly sized repowered engine is installed, it offers less displacement, increases the horse-power and provides efficient fuel usage.

Repowering an older engine with a newer engine system adds value to your equipment by:

  • Increasing Engine Efficiency
  • Emissions Compliance
  • Achieves lower emission levels
  • Reduces fuel cost
  • Saves money on maintenance

We have years of experience and the ability to handle your engine repower.

Central California Power’s engine repower specialists have the experience to make engine replacement recommendations based on equipment and anticipated usage. We’re available for mechanical and electrical troubleshooting to help you make the best decision regarding the equipment that keeps you in business.

We understand that there are many different machines that keep your business running. Regardless of the the nature of your business, it’s never to late to initiate a loader repower to adapt to emissions guidelines set by the state of California.

Air quality regulations mandate substantial reductions in diesel emissions every year as part of state regulations. Central California Power can help you meet those pesky Tier 4 Final requirements with a complete line of cost effective retrofitting and re-powering options with advanced, high-efficiency diesel engines. Many businesses qualify for subsidies that can reduce the cost to re-power your fleet by up to 85%. Our full-time Emissions Solutions Team will process the necessary paperwork to ensure you receive the maximum financial assistance for engine repower with custom fabrication for emissions compliance aide.

Keeping up with the Air Board regulations is complex. Because we sell, build, and service engines, generators, and transmissions, it’s our job to know how to keep you in compliance. Talk with us about your current situation and we’ll help you create a plan to be in compliance by the deadlines.


Diesel Engine Repower Before & After