Cummins Industrial Engines

We are your source for on-road engines, parts, and components. Our warehouse has thousands of parts in stock, which means we can ship immediately. Cummins engines are a great choice for high-performance diesel engines for industrial uses including construction, agriculture, mining, oil, and gas. Cummins delivers the complete package of products, services, and support to meet all your drilling equipment needs.

Our parts department can help determine which engine will work best for your application. We have several units in stock, as well as the capability to place custom orders should your needs require.

Cummins Since 1919

Cummins’ first engine was manufactured for agriculture in 1919, Cummins continues to power some of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. There are close to 1 million Cummins engines in operation around the world in applications from combine harvesters to sprayers and tractors and are built to withstand the stress of heavy-duty work and to last for many years.

Cummins Engine and Parts

Cummins L9 On-Road Rig Package

The Cummins L9 provides powerful, reliable, and durable horsepower from 260 hp to 380 hp. The L9 excels in tough environments and provides up to 1250 lbft of torque.