Replace Ag Equipment

Are you engaged in agricultural operations? We urge you to take advantage of funding offered by the state of California to replace old ag equipment. Navigating the program can be confusing, which is why our team of experts can provide you with a consultation, assistance with paperwork, and the purchase of new equipment to replace the old piece of equipment.

Engine Requirements In Old Equipment

Tiers 0-2 with a minimum 25 hp.

The new piece of equipment must serve the same function and perform the same work as the equipment that was replaced.

Replace Ag Equipment with a JCB Wheel Loader

Program Eligibility

The equipment to be replaced must be self-propelled and in-use. Wheel loaders, tractors, combines and many other equipment types qualify.

Projects are funded based on the total acreage of all the applicant’s agricultural operations in the Valley, as detailed in the table below:

Size of Operation(s)Total Acreage of
all Ag Operations
in the Valley (acres)
SJVAPCD Incentive*
Small1 – 10080% of eligible equipment costs
Medium101 – 50070% of eligible equipment costs
Large501+Funded on a $/HP Basis (see table below)

If the operation is over 501 acres, the project would then be funded based on a dollar per advertised horsepower basis, based on the advertised horsepower of the engine in the replacement equipment, as detailed below:

Cotton Pickers, Articulated Wheel Loaders, Backhoes & Motor Graders (advertised hp rating)SJVAPCD Incentive
All Horsepower Ratings$950/hp
Agricultural Tractors (advertised hp rating)SJVAPCD Incentive
150 +$725/hp
Specialty Equipment (advertised hp rating)SJVAPCD Incentive

Replace Ag equipment with a new JCB Wheel Loader, Backhoe Loader & More….

Replace Ag Equipment with a JCB Backhoe
Replace Ag Equipment-Backhoe Loader