Keep your fleet ready for business

Central California Power will help you maintain your business’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. Regular fleet service keeps your vehicles running smoothly while minimizing downtime.





As-Needed Basis

We work hard to ensure that your vehicles and equipment are always in top operating condition. We perform services in our shop or we can travel to your site with our full-service lube truck.

Our in-house parts department works side by side with the service department. This mitigates shipping delays for in-demand parts and gets your vehicles up and running faster.


Inspection of key truck components including engine, fuel, and cooling systems, battery, and control panel.

Oil, fluid and filter replacement.
Inspect all belts and hoses and replace as needed.
Perform state-required DOT inspection.
Perform 90-day BIT inspections required by the California Highway Patrol.

Agricultural & Heavy Equipment


Box Truck & Fleet Repair

Service Trucks
Delivery Vehicles
Transportation Vehicles
Refrigerator Trucks

Expert Assessment

You’ll receive a detailed report of the service performed and the condition of all your vehicles and equipment. Fleet Service for business owners helps maximize your bottom line with preventive maintenance plans. Protect the investment your business has in its vehicles with Fleet Service from Central California Power’s team of highly trained Technicians.

Fleet Service is perfect for businesses with many vehicles or specialized equipment. Our rates make it easy to track, manage and account for your company’s vehicles, give you an estimate for repair costs, and allow you to get a comprehensive look at each vehicle in your fleet.

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