Genuine Perkins Replacement Parts

Use Perkins parts manufactured to the highest standards, including oil filters and fuel filters that are designed to withstand extreme conditions and ensure outstanding performance.

Fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters help to maintain the efficiency of your engine. By using non-genuine parts or failing to perform regular maintenance on your engine, you may cause engine damage that exceeds the savings made by using non-genuine parts.

Expert Advice You Can Trust

For genuine Perkins parts and special pricing, contact our parts department. We are happy to help you find the part you need and offer advice on repairs.

We have a wide selection of parts available; whether it is a repair job on your engine or general servicing, we can help.

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Genuine Perkins Filters

Perkins Parts

Filters are known to be the first line of defense to prevent even the smallest particles from entering the oil, fuel and air systems. Perkins air filters and fuel filters help deliver efficient engine performance and maintain fuel consumption. Oil filters ensure an effective lubricant circulation. Using non genuine filters or infrequent filter changes may result in damage that exceeds the savings made by using alternatives.

Tier 4 Final Industrial Engines

Stay in compliance by replacing old engines with new Tier 4 Final industrial diesel engines.