Rebuild Engines with Confidence

Based on your application, it sometimes makes sense to rebuild an engine rather than replace it. CCP has over 35 years’ of hands-on experience with engines. You can count on us to replace existing parts with new parts that make the engine run like new. We have an extensive parts inventory, and our processes are set up to deliver engines in about half the time it would take a factory. Our customers rely on engines to keep business moving, so we service equipment as quickly as possible.

Engine Overhauls

If your engines meet current emissions requirements, then you want them to remain in service for as long as possible. A complete engine overhaul by Central California Power gives existing engines like-new performance for as little as half the cost of a new engine. And because time is always a priority, an overhaul can be completed in as little as one week.

We specialize in repowers for difficult applications and take care of emission grant paperwork such as applications for grant funding. We’ll work with any air district for ag, forestry, or construction equipment, such as loaders, large tractors, excavators, scrapers, and/or dozers. It’s possible to upgrade your engine for as little as 15-35% out-of-pocket by using government air district funds.